EZCast Screen 1.10.114 Download Date:2016-04-08

EZCast Screen, developed by WinnerWave, acts as an EZCast and airplay receiver for EZCast app and iOS airplay.
EZCast App, also developed by WinnerWave, casts documents and multimedia from Internet and your Android tablets/Smartphones and iPad/iPhone wirelessly in cooperation with EZCast devices. With EZCast Screen app, your android devices, such as android dongles, boxes and even smartphones can become an EZCast devices.
Please refer to http://www.ezcast.in/comparison.html for comparison of EZCast dongle, Chromecast and EZCast Screen.
In addition, EZCast Screen app also make your android dongle, box and smartphone become an Apple TV, which supports airplay mirror, video and music streaming.
Check www.ezcast.in for complete user manual and related information.
    Android 4.1 above
    Local photo display, local music/video streaming
    Live camera streaming
    Web browsing and Internet video (youtube, facebook……) streaming
    Office document presentation
    Cloud storage streaming for document and multimedia (Dropbox…….)
Current Possible Connections are as follows:
Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Windows Phone EZCast App to EZCast dongles/boxes
Android/iOS EZCast App to Chromecast dongles
Android EZCast App to EZCast Screen App in Android devices (iOS version will be soon released)
Airplay/DLNA/Miracast to EZCast dongles
Airplay to EZCast Screen App in Android devices
For more information, please refer to EZCast official site: https://www.ezcast.in
EZCast, Happy Casting

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